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When you or a loved one needs to find a Women’s Christian Rehab Center near Wisconsin, look into how Great Lakes Women’s Rehab helps women.

The experienced team at our Christian rehab center near Wisconsin knows, understands, and realizes how accepting truth, accountability, and reliance on a higher power instead of herself forms the foundation for her lasting recovery.

Finding your way to a new life, free of addiction, requires time, skilled guidance, and support. Short-term addiction therapies can fail to address why women turn to drugs or alcohol in the first place. Addicted women must embrace the truth to recover and heal the hurts that fed, fueled, and urged their addiction.

Many of the experienced staff have come through a similar addiction recovery program. At Great Lakes Women’s Rehab, they understand you must be ready to commit to a year of recovery. As addicted women experience ongoing therapy and work side by side, they acquire new insights. Women can change behaviors and form new attitudes with a new understanding of themselves. Finally, constant peer support helps recovering women discover personal truth at this Women’s Christian Rehab Center near Wisconsin.

At our Women’s Christian Rehab Center near Wisconsin, we firmly believe that holding ourselves accountable for our actions leads us to understand our need for God’s help. With the hope and guidance of the Holy Spirit, we can each present a life training curriculum specifically designed for recovering women to develop skills to become successful members of society. This comprehensive education helps build a strong foundation for recovery. Subjects include health aspects of chemical dependency, boundary setting, anger management, coping skills, relapse prevention, and cognitive-behavioral tools.

The individual and group therapy at our Women’s Christian Rehab Center near Wisconsin helps women pinpoint the causes of their addictive behaviors.

Only God can forgive, heal, and change them. As they develop a personal relationship with Christ, women also discover the strength they need to recover. Through experiencing His forgiveness, women learn the value of making amends for past behaviors.

The healing of past abuses is necessary. Biblical studies enhance mental growth and serve as a foundation for creating new lives. This crucial element of Great Lakes Women’s Rehab introduces women to Christianity.

Our faith-based addiction recovery programs for women combine classroom learning, group and personal studies, household duties, and work therapy training to help residents find freedom within God’s established boundaries.

At our Women’s Christian Rehab Center near Wisconsin, mentors assist each recovering woman as she learns to depend on God for true life change. Christian principles form the foundation for sobriety, which persists despite challenging times.

Christian Rehab Center
Great Lakes Women’s Rehab has helped many women find their relationship with Christ and a path to recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism.

Founded in 1983, Great Lakes Women’s Rehab, a part of the Adult & Teen Challenge, has had the privilege of helping hundreds of women find their relationship with Christ and a path to recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism.

Because the local community loves Teen Challenge, people donate generously to this program. Revenue from thrift stores, individual gifts, and donation drives support the program. This means addicted women pay much lower tuition for enrollment. Thanks to so many faithful supporters, Great Lakes Women’s Rehab now owns a two-acre campus with a chapel and separate housing facilities for up to 30 female residents at the beautiful Robby Dawson home near Wisconsin.

Change is possible! Great Lakes Adult and Teen Challenge can also provide lifelong sobriety for your loved one.

Call (414) 748-4357 or complete the online application form!

Christian Rehab Center

Make a positive change in your life. Discover a real path to recovery through this affordable, non-profit Women’s Christian Rehab Teen Challenge program in the Great Lakes area. Call now. We want to help you!

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