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Why Support The Super Thrift Store?

Since 1983, Adult & Teen Challenge of Wisconsin has been fighting addiction on the frontlines. Our drug and alcohol addiction recovery programs have proven to change lives with one of the highest rehabilitation success rates in the world. It is our mission to place hope within reach of all who struggle with life controlling addiction.

This is why Great Lakes Adult and Teen Challenge’s Super Thrift Store in Milwaukee, WI is one of the best places to shop and donate your unused household items. Every time you make a purchase or graciously donate, you’re directly providing the funds and support to someone working to complete their recovery program. You’re providing our residents a chance to experience freedom from addiction.

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Change A Life. Shop At Super Thrift Store Milwaukee.

At Great Lakes Adult and Teen Challenge, we are committed to utilizing the Super Thrift Store as a catalyst for change – in the lives of our students and throughout our Milwaukee community. We are committed to good stewardship, and we evaluate all expenses related to staffing and operating our trucks on a regular basis.

Our organization has been incredibly blessed over the years, and we feel our Super Thrift Store is not simply a means to raise consistent support – it allows us to serve others, as well. We accomplish this by:

Raising Funds– 100% of Super Thrift Store proceeds are used to fund Adult & Teen Challenge drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs.

Providing Job Training– By working at Super Thrift, Adult & Teen Challenge residents become equipped with marketable skills to help them find jobs and be successful in the workplace.

Delivering Quality Goods– We provide our Thrift Store customers with quality goods at affordable prices for the greater benefit of the Milwaukee community.

How To Donate

Your donation to Super Thrift plays a vital role in transforming the lives of our residents of the Robby Dawson Home for Women and Men’s Center of Hope Campus. Donations can be dropped off any time during regular store hours or dropped off at any of our dropbox locations. To request a pick up, please fill out our online request form.

Superthrift Dropbox Locations

Great Lakes Adult and Teen Challenge
Hours & Location

Great Lakes Adult and Teen Challenge Super Thrift Store 5333 N. 91st Street Milwaukee, WI 53225 (414) 916-7467

Store Hours

Monday – Saturday (9am to 7pm)