Mission & Culture

A Drug Rehab for Women With a Mission

drug rehab for women
God wants us to know freedom from addiction and destructive behavior. While this world promises freedom outside God’s established boundaries, the road leads to entrapment and a life out of control. Great Lakes Women’s Rehab is a Christian discipleship program for women with life-controlling addictions, such as drugs and alcohol. Our ultimate goal is to bring a person into the right relationship with the Lord so they may live responsibly.

Our Christian Rehab Culture

Great Lakes Women’s Rehab, part of Adult & Teen Challenge, creates an environment where people can experience God. Viewing life through God’s lens is where recovery begins. Our participants learn to establish new boundaries and enjoy the freedom that comes from living within them. Facing our fears, failures, and disappointments is painful, but opening our hearts to clarity and order is necessary. We assume responsibility for our thoughts, choices, who we call friends, where we go, how we treat others, and how we react to situations.

The Seven R’s of a Responsible Culture

  1. Reverence for God– Living out God’s Word and Gaining His Perspective
  2. Respect for Others– Honoring Other’s Boundaries to Establish Meaningful Relationships
  3. Repentance– Learning to Admit “I’m Wrong” and Having the Desire to Change
  4. Retribution– Learning to Accept the Rewards of Right and Corrections of Wrong Behaviors
  5. Restitution– Learning to Make Things Right When We’ve Been Wrong
  6. Restoration– Learning to Ask/Give Forgiveness and Committing to Rebuild Relational Trust
  7. Rejoicing– Celebrating God’s Favor That Comes from Living Out These Principles

At our drug rehab for women, our Culture of Responsibility holds us responsible for facing our actions. We believe that when there’s no place to put the blame but on ourselves, we see the need to ask God to challenge us to change.