Grace’s Success Story

My name is Grace, and I want to share with you my journey—a journey of struggles but also of hope and redemption. I grew up in the bustling streets of the south side of Chicago. When I was twelve, my parents divorced, and it hit me hard. I felt lost and caught in the middle of their separation.

As I got older, that pain stayed with me. I started using marijuana in high school to try to ease the hurt. After I graduated, I fell into a party lifestyle and got introduced to Xanax. It became a way to escape, even though I knew deep down it wasn’t the answer.

Then, when I found out I was pregnant, everything changed. Matthew was born, and despite his joy, I was overwhelmed. Custody battles followed, and I felt like I was failing as a mother.

Amid all this chaos, I turned to heroin. It was a dark time, filled with overdoses and shame. But thankfully, my mom heard about a rehab program called Great Lakes Women’s Rehab. She encouraged me to go, knowing I needed help to get my life back on track.

I entered the program, hoping for a fresh start. It wasn’t easy. I struggled to open up about my problems, feeling embarrassed and broken. I left after six months, determined to be there for my son. But I relapsed, and everything fell apart again. I hit rock bottom.

It was then that I realized I couldn’t do this alone. I needed help, and I turned to my faith. I prayed for guidance and found myself back at Teen Challenge, where I knew I belonged.

Since then, my journey has been tough, but it’s also been incredibly rewarding. With the support of my faith and the people around me, I’ve found healing and hope. I’m grateful for every day, knowing that I’m loved and forgiven. And I’m excited to see where life takes me next, knowing I have a brighter future.

*This story has been adapted to protect our student’s identity. The name/photo are pseudonyms chosen for privacy reasons.