Addiction and Alcohol Treatment Centers for Women in Evansville, Indiana

Seeking women’s addiction and alcohol treatment centers in Evansville, Indiana, near you? Similar treatment programs in the Midwest may not offer affordable residential rehab like Great Lakes Women’s Rehab.

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If your loved one needs help in Evansville, Indiana, consider the support available at Great Lakes Women’s Rehab. This year-long Christian rehab program has provided women with a new life beyond substance abuse for decades.

The Great Lakes Women’s Rehab and addiction treatment center team near Chicago and Milwaukee knows what women need to leave addiction behind and accept accountability and truth.

Many of the experienced staff have recovered from addiction themselves. At Great Lakes Women’s Rehab and addiction and alcohol recovery center, they understand you must be ready to commit to a year of recovery. It takes time to unlearn old behaviors and learn new ones. That’s why experienced counselors focus on the underlying causes of addiction. As addicted women go through months of counseling and work side by side, they gain insight into their addiction. With a new understanding of themselves, women can change how they live. Finally, ongoing peer accountability helps recovering women in the Midwest discover their truth at Teen Challenge drug rehab.

The individual and group counseling at Great Lakes Women’s Rehab helps women target the issues underneath their addictive behaviors in Evansville, Indiana.

teen challenge WisconsinAcknowledging these deep needs, women realize they can’t heal or change without help from a Higher Power. From the start, women at this Midwest Teen Challenge Christian drug rehab learn that they cannot change their hearts. Only God can provide the power they need to recover. As they build a practical Christian faith, women also find the strength they need to recover. Through experiencing His forgiveness, women look forward to amending old wounds in Evansville, Indiana.

Because personal, internal issues feed the addiction, women receive therapeutic sessions in individual and group settings. The Great Lakes team works with each woman to rebuild her from the inside out. They plant the seeds of recovery and teach her to water them. This unique component of Teen Challenge introduces women to the Christian faith. Mentors assist each recovering woman as she learns to depend on God for true life change. Christian principles form the foundation for sobriety, which persists even through challenging times.

Great Lakes Women’s Rehab works with addicted women ages 18+ from Evansville, Indiana, and the Midwest. Here is where addicted and alcoholic women learn to build a new future through addiction education and vocational training.

teen challenge WisconsinWomen are helped at the Great Lakes Women’s Rehab low-cost drug rehab, and receive important education opportunities. Women learn better ways to deal with parenting, anger management, and relapse prevention.

After months of community service work alongside peers. Great Lakes Women’s Rehab also helps women discover which job fits them best. These critical life skills provide hope for a better life after graduation. Having a rock-solid plan for their future keeps women positive and self-supporting.

How can this drug and alcohol addiction treatment center charge so little for their long-term help?

Because the community values the success of Teen Challenge Milwaukee, people from the Midwest contribute generously to the cause. Revenue from thrift stores, individual gifts, and donation drives supports the program. This means addicted women in Evansville, Indiana have their fees dramatically reduced. With the help of many faithful supporters, Great Lakes Women’s Rehab now includes a large campus with a chapel. It can house up to 30 female residents at the beautiful Robby Dawson home in the historic Concordia neighborhood of Milwaukee.

For nearly 60 years, Teen Challenge Milwaukee has developed an incredible reputation. After one year, graduates report good to excellent health (92%), remain drug-free (86%), are employed (75%), and are self-supporting (73%). The numbers declare that this spiritual, long-term Christian drug rehab program works. The cost is also much less than you would pay at other rehab programs in Evansville, Indiana.

Call (414) 748-4357 now. An entirely new direction in life is possible! Read the testimonies of grateful graduates on this website. Great Lakes Women’s Rehab can also provide lifelong sobriety for your loved one!

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Evansville is the third-largest city in the U.S. state of Indiana and the largest city in Southern Indiana. As of the 2010 census, the city had a total population of 117,429. It is the county seat of Vanderburgh County and the regional hub for both Southwestern Indiana and the Illinois-Indiana-Kentucky Tri-State Area. In 2008, a population estimate put the Evansville Metropolitan Statistical Area at 350,261. Settled in 1812, the city is situated on a gentle horseshoe bend on the Ohio River and often referred to as “River City.” One of the most popular attractions in the region is Casino Aztar, the first riverboat casino in the state of Indiana.

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Make the right choice for your life in Evansville, Indiana. Discover an actual solution to addiction through this affordable addiction and alcohol recovery center in the Great Lakes area. Call now. It’s the best decision you’ll ever make.